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The PowerPro ERP includes Accounting, Stock Control, Point of Sales (POS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Loyalty functionality. In addition the PowerPro ERP can be connected to the Quality & Management System and to the PocketPro Mobile applications.

PowerPro Stock Control

Latest technology software. Easy to use commercial system for managing orders/deliveries, offering sequentially all the information per product from the purchase to the sales. With specialized modules for color/size as well as modules for Stock Monitoring, Transfers, Costing, Purchases, Sales, Way Bills, Reservations and Automatic Stock Replenishment.

PowerPro Accounting System

Simple accounting program, easy to use and very reliable. This program is an inclusive accounting package that provides substantial financial information to the management of every business and it is composed of a number of completed modules. General ledger, debtors, creditors, budgeting and many management reports. Documents like monthly statements of bank accounts, invoices, cheques and value added tax statements are presented on screen exactly as they are presented in reality. In this way, the user does not have to learn any new procedures.

PowerPro POS

This Point Of Sales system is the undisputed leader in the retail sector in Cyprus. It is an easy to use POS system, directly connected with the PowerPro ERP, with capability to handle a large number of users and stores. Some of the strong characteristics of PowerPOS are the management of franchise stores, the handling of color/size/serial number and of expiration dates among other.

PowerPro Loyalty

An easy to use Customer Loyalty System connected with the PowerPro ERP. The use of the PowerPro Loyalty System, targets the increase of the customer visitations, which leads to the increase of sales. The system stores personal customer information as well as their purchasing habits, with the purpose of communicating to them new products and offers. The points earned with each transaction are presented on the purchase receipt. The points used are subtracted automatically from the balance of the loyalty points.